Our Four Finalists

We are excited to announce that we have narrowed our first year of grant applications down to the four finalists! All of our applications are worthwhile causes and we feel blessed to have reached so many ministries in our first year. 

The 2014-2015 finalists are:

Agape Development

Cornerstone Family Ministries

His Father's Heart Ministries

Lifehouse Houston

Please join us in praying for these ministries throughout the year. We will hear presentations on these four ministries at our Oct 30th coffee at Christ the King. This spring all of our partners will be invited to attend a site visit for each of these four finalists. During that site visit, you will get to see deeper into the heart and mission of the ministry. We hope you will join us for the coffee, the site visits, and of course in prayer! It is going to be an amazing year.