Our Partners

Partners in One Hundred Shares Houston are women who pledge to impact our community by granting funds to Christian, non-profit ministries who meet the following criteria: serve those in need, proclaim and share the Gospel, adhere to a Statement of Faith, and commit financially to OHSH. Women may become prospective Partners through the sponsorship of one or more existing partners and are invited to join by the Board of One Hundred Shares Houston. Partners are encouraged to participate in as many ways as they can, including, but not limited to, site visits, giving written feedback after site visits, and attending two annual events.

If you have questions, please contact our Membership Chairman at info@onehundredshareshouston.org

Beginning the 2019/2020 year, the yearly donation per partner is $1050. The breakout of this donation includes the $1000 grant donation, $25 to defray expenses of the fall coffee and spring luncheon and $25 to cover service fees, website fees, etc. Deadline for donations is December 15, 2019. Please press on the link “Donate Now” and it will take you to the NCF secure link to pay by Echeck or Credit Card. Please add an additional $30 if you pay by CC. We look forward to partnering with you!


2019-2020 Board Members


Chairman - Laura Bushong

Chairman-Elect - Lynne Johnson

Secretary - Holly Nichols

Parliamentarian - Jan Benjamin

Treasurer - Betty Bradshaw

Events Co-Chair - Ann Jobe

Events Co-Chair - Robbie Lowrey

Site Visits Co-Chair - Haley Eichelberger

Site Visits Co-Chair - Susan Swann

Prayer Leader - Nancy Lisenby

Grant Co-Chair - Sara Lewis

Grant Co-Chair - Julie Smith

Grant Co-Chair - Leigh Tomforde

Membership Chair - Jennifer VanLoh

Communications Co-Chair - Holly Wright

Communications Co-Chair - Sarah Lee

our partners


Sally Abbott

Lauren Allen

Patricia Barrett

Sue Baumgarten

Rory Bellow

Jan Benjamin

Kathy Bennett

Sara Bettencourt

Betty Bradshaw

Linda Bradshaw

Rebecca Brandt

Marcia Brunson

Laura Bushong

Kimberly Byrd

Mary Lu Campbell

Terri Chase

Diana Chenoweth

Ashley Clark

Susan Colquitt

Karen Comiskey

Meredith Crow

Kelly Crystal

 Anne Csorba

Mary Rebecca Dick

Susan Driver

Avon Duson

Sue Edelman

Haley Eichelberger

Patti Elliott

Sharalynn Fenn

Kathleen Fenoy

Katherine Galloway

Jennifer Gregory

Callie Griffin

Anne Hamilton

Tonya Hamilton

Mary Jean Hardy

Laura Heard

Julie Hempel

Lori Hendricks

Charlotte Hickey

Elizabeth Hickman

Hope Huber

Terri Huguenard

Jessica Inoff 

Audrey Jackson

Ann Jobe

Cindy Jochetz

Ann Johnson

Callie Johnson

Lynne Johnson

Holly Krhovjak

Valerie Lankford

Sarah Lee

Sara Lewis

Nancy Lisenby

Jessica Lisenby

Robbie Lowry

Kristi Lumpkins

Joanna Mahoney

Ellen Mallay

Elizabeth Martin

Tina McClellan

Devin McCord

Nancy Jane McMillan

Dana Miller

Lisa Miller

Rosanne Oelfke

Sara Oliver

Patti Owens

Maria Pappas

Adana Paton

Ellen Peeples

Jeanne Pfeffer


Katie Plachy

Carol Prince

Kendall Rainer

Leenie Ralston

Dianne Reeves

Nikki Richnow

Nancy Robinson

Cathy Robinson

SarahBeth Seifert

Pamela Sengelmsnn

Wendy Sicola

Ann Smith

Julie Smith

Allison Stasney

Janis Stradinger

Dana Strake

Laura Suffield

Susan Swann

Kristin Tauber

Debi Tengler

Anne Thompson

Leigh Tomforde

Paula Tosch

Stephanie Tsuru

Stephanie Tucker

Jennifer VanLoh

Liz Wade

Lisa Walker

Elizabeth Wareing

Susan Weber

Tracy Wilkerson

Melissa Wilmoth

Mildred Wilson

Frankie Winfield

Holly Wright

Jill Zivley

Tricia Zucker