Grant Application and Requirements

Requirements and Minimum Criteria for Grant Consideration

Our Mission Statement: One Hundred Shares Houston, OHSH, is a Christ-centered organization that awards financial grants to Christian, non-profit organizations in the Houston area whose purpose is to serve people in need and to proclaim the gospel. Annually, $100,000 will be awarded to a non-profit organization(s) who will use the proceeds to expand an existing program or establish a new initiative.

Mission: The OHSH Board will examine the correlation between the mission of One Hundred Shares Houston (above) and the mission of each grant applicant as a means of evaluating each application. Please read our mission statement carefully.

Tax Exemption: The grant applicant must have been in possession of a 501(c)3 Internal Revenue Exemption letter for two (2) years prior to the date of the application.

Application Deadline: All completed grant applications must be received at by midnight on August 1, 2019. Once a grant application is submitted, the applicant is not allowed to make revisions of any kind. No extension of this deadline will be granted.

Grant Restrictions: The grant applicant may not be a church. Proposals to fund advertising and marketing of the organization, consultant fees, salaries and non-program salaries, and temporary employee salaries may not exceed 20% of the grant request amount. Endowments will not be considered.

Grant Applicant's Board of Directors: Grant applicants are required to submit the names and occupations of their Board Members, but no minimum number of directors is required for consideration. At least one (1) Board Member must be present for each OHSH Site Visit.

Applicant Presentation: Four semi-finalists will be chosen after the August 1st deadline. These finalists must make a seven (7) minute presentation at the Fall OHSH Partners Meeting in October 2019. The grant recipient must have at least one Board Member present at the OHSH Partners Award Luncheon, to be held in the Spring.

Site Visits: After selection of the four semi-finalists, site visits will be arranged with those grant applicants. One site visit for each semi-finalist will be conducted from mid-January through February.

Notifications: All applicants will be notified by September 2019 whether they were selected as semi-finalists. Notification of the grant recipient(s) will be made by February 2020.

Progress Reports: The recipient(s) of the OHSH Grant is required to send two (2) progress reports to the OHSH Board within the 12 months after the grant is awarded. The first is due on or before September 1, 2020 and the second report is due on or before February 16, 2021. Reports must be submitted to the Grant Coordinators (




1. Grant application must be submitted online to by midnight on August 1, 2019.

2. OHSH Board member(s) will contact the grant applicant during the month of August.

3. OHSH Board will select and notify semi-finalists by September 2019.

4. Semi-finalists will make presentations at the OHSH event in October 2019.

5. Site visits of the semi-finalists will be conducted in January 2020.

6. Grant award(s) will be announced at the Spring OHSH Partners Luncheon. Date to be determined. Funds will be distributed at or before the event.